About Me

Leticia is a native Texan, a former High School and Adult Education Teacher. She was an award- winning television journalist who worked at various television stations in Texas, Colorado and California, including the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles. Leticia was also a media liaison for Northrop Grumman Corporation Headquarters in Century City, Ca. While in Los Angeles, she started her own media consulting business and fulfilled a few extra dreams as a commercial actress, a stand-up comedian and a performer with the founder of the famous improvisation group, the Groundlings. Returning to her home state, she developed communication workshops throughout Central Texas, for teachers, parents, and caregivers of children. While in Texas, she completed her training as a Life Coach from a California program that incorporated a spiritually-based curriculum.


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These diverse career choices are important to mention for one reason only:

The gifts, failures, benefits , successes and skills gleaned from all these paths, combined with over forty years of metaphysical studies have provided her with a sensitivity and understanding of physical, emotional and spiritual health.

She is a spiritual consultant with over 20 years experience in the Akashic Records that provides sacred counseling, and when required, incorporate “Healing Touch”—an energy-based therapy within an Akashic Session.